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Future of Work & what Higher Ed Sector Needs to Know about Data Literacy

Did you know that according to a recent PwC report, by the end of 2023, 69% of employers will require data science and data analytics skills from their candidates? This highlights the growing importance of data literacy in the job market and the need for higher education institutions to prepare students for success.

Our speakers will share their insights on:

Skills for Workplace 3.0

How data literacy is transforming the job market

What higher education institutions can do to stay ahead of the curve

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Learn from our experts

Join our panellists to learn how to unlock the real value of data and the need for higher education institutions to prepare their students.


Sharon Cotter

Lecturer in Accountancy & Finance

J.E. Cairnes School of Business & Economic


Allen Hillery


Be Data Lit


Steve Tadeo 

Data Science and Analytics Specialist



Dr.Noel Carroll

Associate Professor | School of Business 

University of Galway


Jared S Soileau

Associate Professor | Department of Accounting

Louisiana State University